September 8, 2018


We’ve been always thinking of our linen dresses collection. But had no time to manage this part of the production and had so many ideas of how it may look like, - so many ideas!- that we couldn’t decide which one is most stylish, comfortable, feminine, sexy, but cozy. The dress which is so multi-useful, that it can be a part of a home look, vase of an office look, dead-for-a-wall and even dating-dress. 

And we found the solution! (It was not a theorem or formula, but just occasional decision)

And that’s it:

 Oversize sleeveless linen dress with a ruffle. 

The main about this model is that it is hi-low dress: short front, long back - with raw edges. 


You can order this beauty in any color of our palette: Antique white, Flax gray, Sage green, Pink ash, Charcoal gray, Chocolate brown, Night blue colors.


Of course. As every piece we handmade in our seamstress studio - you can regulate sizes offered, individualize it. 

Why we so inspired with this dress - you can ask?

While linen dresses are on a peak of popularity, as ecologically safe, hypoallergenic and pure organic everyday option. 

But we’ve seen no perfect model of dress, that we love so much as this. Most of them were so big and cozy, so they were more like dimensionless bags. Another was too feminine and romantic, with tight linen belts, with ideal chest folds. 

That’s all not for us. 

And we’ve created the dress, that we wear at the office, wear on a date, at a park walk. 

We honestly think that  100% linen collection of women dress is an absolute must-have for any season. In autumn it will look great with a shirt underneath, a summer Len.Ok washed linen fabrics used were specially enzyme-treated and tumble-dried in order to get gorgeous softness and beautiful wrinkled texture. The dress looks super stylish and relaxed in it.

Looks great with a belt or without it, worn on the nude body or on a t-shirt. No more ironing, never, just leave as it is.


- Every piece is enzyme treated for reaching soft and luxe shabby texture

- Our linen is hypoallergic, anti-bacterial, and eco-friendly

- Super durable linen - becomes only softer with every wash

- The dress is longer on back part and shorter in the front

- Sleeveless (but we have a variant with sleeves also) 

- No chest folds, straight original fit

- Raw, undone edges and gorge


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