Basic color 2018: pink or gray?

November 4, 2017

Basic color 2018: pink or gray?

Weeks before Pantone color-2018 introduction we are on and on thinking about what color will harmonies our spaces and lives. And more - what basic colors it will fit? After New York and London fashion weeks color report we’ve got two pink-shaded swatches: 

PANTONE 12-2103

Almost Mauve

With its gentle petal-like touch, delicate and ephemeral

Almost Mauve adds a sense of nostalgia to the spring 2018 palette.

PANTONE 14-3207

Pink Lavender

Pink Lavender is a soft and romantic violet rose

that charms with its soothing sense of quiescence.

After creating a pink ash collection we totally understood that it's official: pink is losing its gendered connotations. The mild and subtle shade of ashen blush or lavender-pink evokes so many feelings that everyone can relate to: from joy to lust. "Pink has developed more power than ever before," said Leatrice Eiseman, the Pantone Color Institute's executive director.

The previous basic color of our linen store was natural gray linen sheets - and it is still keeping ground. But our statistics show that more than 20% of sales are about pink ash. What an interesting fact. We can’t imagine our interiors or outfit without at least one perfect basic color. White, then nude, gray and now - pink. We are tightening our belts and spending less on decoration and more on essentials. More and more people that embracing white or gray walls, or having a couple of basic shirts and pullovers in beige or just black - find this simpler aesthetic can be more cost-effective and budget-friendly.

As you can see on the photo of two collections - both of them have a soft cold cast. Especially pink ash - it is even ore subtle lavender than pink. And it is ideal for those who want to try out pink but are wary of a too-intense shade. What is your basic color?

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