Our customer's story #5

September 13, 2019

Our customer's story #5


Lessons we learn from our customers - is a real treasure for our company.

From one person we know more about interior design, from another - harmonious living with kids, some of them teach us how to bring to life stylish outfits, and Mary from @selah.pines.farmsouse gifted to us an amazing knowledge about the art of hospitality.


One of my greatest Joys in my life is hosting family and friends in our Farmhouse. .
I remember as a little girl wanting to dust everything and looking for silver to polish and brass to shine...I know, kinda nerdy, but even as little 8 year old I watched and learned the art of Hospitality.
Being a Preachers kid, we would often host families in our home and what I remember most is them saying they felt at home.
Once I married, I looked forward to hosting bible studies, MOPS planning meetings, baby showers and more. It brought me such joy to prepare our little home for others to partake in a fun or happy occasion.
Did I have a lot of money to decorate or have the nicest home? Absolutely not, but I did learn that adding a little extra warmth to small spaces makes the difference in a house versus a home.
As our children grew up, we were the place to hang out on most Sunday nights during their teen years and I can still recall being told how wonderful our home smelled, as I always had a cozy candle and a clean home while they hung out and played games, sang worship music and watched movies...
Now that our kids are grown, and our Nest is empty, I still create a home that is cozy and pay attention to how space makes me feel.


And we are so happy to share this amazing experience from our friend!

When you look at Mary home - everything is absolutely clear - this person is standing behind every word quoted. It is filled with hospitality, and it is so stylish and harmonious, that we are your students for life, Mary!


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