How to wear pajama in public

September 8, 2019

How to wear pajama in public

Imagine: You've gone to the store in your pajama set.

Maybe you just needed to feel relaxed and comfy today, and nothing that will hamper tour moves. Or you feel like Hew Hefner today, and you feel gorgeously stylish, and now you want yo feel so as often as possible.

Deep in your mind, something is wrong with that situation, and you know it - lots of people all over your life made you believe that it's a taboo.

Pajama itself - silk or cotton - is something that is often come into a group of "not to wear in public things". This comes through various points:

  • We wear pajamas without underwear - so the unappropriated thins like nipples or silhouette of your intimate places can come out really unexpectedly
  • Pajamas are normally made of too thin or semi-transparent materials
  • Pajamas look unmade and not elegant as for "just woke up" effect

Pajama set made of 100% linen is a real treasure in this case. This is a perfect solution for those who keen about comfort but still worried about their appearance.

With a pure linen loungewear set, we have permission not to care.

What changed? You won't any longer face the same social pressures as for silk or thin cotton pajama as linen set is an ultimate thing, It is a comfortable piece to sleep in and at the same time it looks non-transparent, it looks solid and really elegant.

Our clothing has been described as a broadcast signal, the way it communicates, and we know when we see it. When something doesn't look quite right, then we notice that. And this pajama is saying:

"I am not trying to ruin your mood with being too sexy or look like a homeless person, I am relaxed but relaxed enough to not be looking like something that is too immoral or lacking intimacy understanding."

This is a great chance to feel like a girl drinking a coffee in a down cafĂ© in her pajama but without breaking a social norm.

Our inspiration for this post was brought by amazing life-photos of our customer Daniel

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