Total white bedroom can be not boring?

November 18,2017

Total white bedroom can be not boring?

The all-white bedroom is a calming and soothing getaway. White linens invite you to clear your mind and relax without distractions, white walls make the space clear and minimalist. Each person responds uniquely to color influences, so individual differences need to be considered, first, and foremost, when considering how paint colors affect people. But white - is an ultimate and universal color for everybody. 

For Americans, more than one-third prefer blue, while 16 percent like green, ten percent prefer purple, and nine percent like red. But everybody feels calm with white. How to make bedroom tranquil all right, but not boring. Three steps for you, that we mentioned in a perfect bedroom interior of make this white bedroom dream-worthy destination. 

  • Luxe Layers
  • Shapely furniture
  • Attention-grabbing objects

Layers and architectural details 

Since contrasting colors are not used here to make a visual impact, volume and layered elements that are making the space — namely, the textures of linens, pillows, the shape of a bed-side table, shelf and lamp. Linen bedding in white creates a volume too, as this material is a perfect matte texture with gorgeous wrinkles shapes.

and volumetric headboard. 

Shapely furniture

All-white décor can open up space, creates a light and airy feel. But if you will place a dark and heavy table in a corner of a white heaven - the space might be just broken and balance tilted. Prevent rooms from this feeling with white furniture - which has to be light and subtle as all mood of the room. White shapes on white background look very stylish and will add a grandeur.

Attention-grabbing objects

A hallmark of a beautiful bedroom is everything-in-plain-sight strategy helps space feel more collected and, in turn, cozier. And materials were taken from nature, such as the warm-hued natural linen pillowcases here, go a long way in bringing warmth to a room. Don’t forget that light is one of the best attention-grabber.

Thank you Lenas for your perfect taste and style and of course for choosing Len.Ok linen bedding in your ideal bedroom decor.

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