Bed skirt - what size do you need?

April 27, 2019

Bed skirt - what size do you need?

Help! ASAP! I need a new bedskirt, but don’t know what size do I need. How should I measure the length of the bedskirt top that you provide? - 

This is one of the most frequent questions that we get every single week since had started linen bed skirts production. And this is reality - sometimes you’re ordering a dust ruffle which drop is obviously suiting you, but in the matter of the whole size of the horizontal surface (which can be queen, king, twin, and the standard mattress sizes) - it is too short and doesn’t work as a dust ruffle well. Don’t worry - measuring for a bedskirt is an easy and simple task if you definitely know what you want from this piece of bedding.


Our standard bedskirt in stock has a drop of 16”, and we can make any possible length of the drop from 10” to 40” regardless of bed size.

But we've found that 16” length drop is a golden ratio of bedding - it is great for fitted sheets, and it is the most popular in bed skirts.

So, does it mean that you need 16” also - of course, not. This is just perfect for popular size boxsprings and mattresses available on the market.

But you need to measure your own right now! Even if you think that you know the height of your box spring or both mattress and boxspring - remeasure it now. For years of usage you mattress could have gone smaller and thinner, and you boxspring too.


As for styling, this is your personal preference - if you like lo-o-o-ong tail shabby chic bed skirts or minimalist short yet cozy variants. 

This is a matter of purpose - if you want to keep your underneath of the bed clean and without dust for a week (and even more, if the dust ruffle works well) - you should choose the floor laying style.

And if you want to clean under bed flooring every three-five days and only want to hide your boxspring, or just add a little romantic ruffle to your space - this is better to choose a length drop that barely touches the floor. 

Lenoklinen loves the way it looks when bed skirts "kiss" the floor, rather than the pool or hang slightly above the floor


Using your tape measure, all you'll need to do -  is to measure a length directly from the top angle of the boxspring to the floor. Please, make the measuring tape stay in 90 degrees relative to the floor. This exact measurement is called the drop length - and we make all of our bed skirts with this value. So as a default the drop length you choose is for covering with fabric only for this distance. And every inch more or less - you’re deciding to add or cut from this drop.

The bed skirt, also known as valance sheet or dust ruffle, is sometimes placed between the mattress and box spring, and sometimes used not only to cover the box spring or bed frame and under-bed space but also as a bedspread to cover all bed. Of course, you should think about how deep your bed frame is - and how many inches the pressure of mattress can “eat” from your drop! 


We love floor laying bed skirt style as it is much easier to adjust the length of if - just order a few inches more than you need! It is so easy to install the bed skirt, and to clean it - as it is 100% stonewashed linen - it is so durable that it can live through a thousand washed without any lose of style. And of course, - no ironing anymore - it looks stylishly wrinkled without any manipulations, right after wash.

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