Linen apron obsession

April 7, 2019

     Linen apron obsession

Why do you apparently need one of these 100% linen Japanese cross-back aprons? 

The first and really important thing about this Lenoklinen apron -  is that it is durable and can be washed thousands of times before getting look old (as all other aprons normally do!). It rips practically tested. We make it off 100% pure European linen fabric which is already preached and enzyme-treated - so the biggest and craziest (analog of mechanical washing with real stones!) is already done on it. And that is how it looks - beautifully wrinkled, related and this is how it will look forever. 



Having a linen apron at home is really making me happy because it is suitable for any moment of your homely life -  anything concerning labor.  It is great for cooking,  gardening, it is really comfortable to clean up your home wearing it. 


No other fabrics are not as durable as linen (we are not taking into consideration plastic fabrics like polyester, viscose or other ruining ecology things). 


Apron with a cross back is a 100% amazing thing for gardening. Lots of our customers use it in this way - other than wearing it always and especially using it in the garden to pick fruits and vegetables. It is quite baggy so you will love this the fullness when carrying in too many apples from the yard! 


It is also a very comfortable thing because of two pockets on the front  - they are really deep so that you can put into anything -  from your brushes to your kitchen instruments. 


The linen apron looks really beautiful when you own a workshop! This is a really great option to get everyone dressed in the same way. So it won’t cause a problem -  because you just need to get a set of personalized aprons and voila -  everybody dressed as a team!

It is like a normal apron but better. Two comfortable crossover straps that don't pull at your neck, the wrap-around design protects your clothing on the sides as well as the front. The pockets in the front secure your phone and carry your tools and instruments. 
It is so durable and washable thing that you can dry your hands on it, or carry things like apples, laundry, in it. 

This pinafore was exactly what you are looking for if you want to do anything in your home - some renovation, cooking, cleaning, or other satisfying stuff.

It's so easy to slip on, nothing to tie up, and the big roomy pockets are superb for all the little things one collects.

And o course this is a great gift - as the size is really easy to guess.

March 19, 2019
This style is too long-playing and never is out-of-time just because of its simplicity and unbelievable coziness.
March 29, 2019
Amazing news for everybody, who is keen about the elegant, relaxed and stylish look for the season.
April 18, 2019
the poof of kids love linen
April 27, 2019
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