May 1, 2019



This year 2019 is so important for Len.Ok linen. We have made so many changes, that are moving our company towards a new life, and our customers towards new amazing products. 

Firstly - we are rebranding our logo. From old and elegant flax seed crowns to modern logotype.

Secondly, and most efficiently - we are making clothing. More, CUSTOM MADE clothing and bedding.

No more warehouses, no more bulk orders, only detailed and custom things, focusing on customers needs.

When it comes to customized clothing manufacturing it touches a design and great attention to every element of it.

Len. Ok is determined to provide the coolest, most comfortable apparel to all its customers worldwide. We are now providing customization on every kind of our products - we are making our dresses shorter, neckline deeper, pants thinner - if only you ask of it in a line with your order.

We are so in this motion - we want you to get a really good looking and cozy thing, handmade and hand sewn of the most ecologically friendly material ever! 

We offer you to get custom linen shirts, custom made linen dresses, custom pants, and linen culottes - and we have pretty much every sort of customization alternative that a clothing brand needs to end up being one of a kind and trendy. 

All steps of our production cycle are really clear and transparent - and we want you to know, that everything we do regards big respect to the environment and nature. Everything is made by Len. Ok team - which is well-paid, friendly to each other and doing its best to make a perfect linen clothing and linen bedding for you

  • Getting the finest quality 100% linen (which is Oeko-Tex certified ) from the Belarussian linen mill (Europe) 

  • Cutting and hand sewing in our beautiful and inspirational seamstress studio in Minsk, Belarus (Europe)
  • Enzyme treatment for softening and  preshrinking of our products
  • Packing with eco-friendly materials 
  • Posting with a priority mail - free shipping for all our customers

That is all. Give us your measurements, and we would give you back the one-of-a-king, and the coziest things ever.

April 18, 2019
the poof of kids love linen
April 27, 2019
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