Oversized linen dresses in stock!

March 29, 2019

Oversized linen dresses in stock!

 Amazing news for everybody, who is keen about the elegant, relaxed and stylish look for the season. Our new oversized linen dresses. They are (as always) handmade of pure European linen, and softened with organic enzymes, hand sewn in our beautiful seamstress studio.


It is a multipurpose dress. It can be worn both for office life and for everyday time spending. Though it is slightly oversized - it is very comfortable to wear, it doesn’t hamper any moves.

The knee-high length in this model is cozy too. Midi length of this model is even cozier! It looks elegantly relaxed. And the pockets on both sides of the dress are obviously great idea - sometimes it is very useful, but most of the time it is just so pleasant to put hands in them and feel like a rockstar!


Any preferable way - it looks very sexy and simple worn on a bare body, both with a shirt, t-shirt underneath. Shoulder straps look very romantic - so any of even most masculine clothing start to look graceful. 

Here are some of our look ideas to make it simpler to understand the character of the dress that you can play with.


It is very oversized linen dress so it is really cozy - it barely touches your skin which is really great for summer, and very comfortable for winter - as you can put on a big sweatshirt underneath.

The main advantage of linen dress - is its hygroscopic property. It seems to know your body temperature - and therefore, you never feel too hot or too cold in it. Moreover, after stone washing, it looks little wrinkled - and it is looking great, without iron.

As on the photo we provide it is dressed with simple blouse with short sleeves - and it looks really nice, without any fashionable additions and feels super comfortable. 

March 7, 2019
I have always been thinking of how can I make my wedding more ecologically friendly…
March 19, 2019
This style is too long-playing and never is out-of-time just because of its simplicity and unbelievable coziness.
April 7, 2019
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April 18, 2019
the poof of kids love linen