Shabby chic decor

March 19, 2019

Shabby chic decor

There are so many old and new - Different styles of home decorating. And it is really difficult to choose one, flawless decor for all times in 2019. But one style is too long-playing and never is out-of-time just because of its simplicity and unbelievable coziness. This is a shabby chic decor. It is one of the easiest ways to style your space with a tough budget, but with a blooming heart. 

The trend of shabby chic decor has been around for some time than it has given its first place to Scandinavian, and now, when everybody is tired of the clean and cold spaces we are going back to the cozy and warm shabby. 

You can create your individuality through your home interior in shabby chic decor - find inexpensive pieces and personalize them into something romantic and beautiful. Make your space looking like French country of cottage style - here are some tips that we take out from our lovely customers real and “not ELLE decor” photos.  Three easy steps to start making your space feel shabby.


You don’t need the whole space looking to distressed, you don’t need to make all walls and every millimeter of your room look in the style. No, leave it for Sсandy or classical styles.  Shabby chic needs just a one-tone green neutral color walls and wooden (or looking like wooden), or wall-to-wall rug flooring. But what it really needs - your attention to detail.

You can start your shabby chic journey with a small bed side table, or a nice coffee table, with a cabinet - anything you want.  Make it really individual, with simple instruments like paint, metallic brush and lacquer (you can memorize what is decoupage, but be really minimalistic in it, please). Or you can leave it in the heritage color - if it is creamy, white, sage, pale -   just brush it off  and put a layer of transparent lacquer, to make it safe to use. 


It is really hard to make your space to look old, antique and shabby without right textiles. The thing is nothing fits shabby chic so much and cool as pure linen. That's why we are here. And that's why our customers are our customers. Without layered and ruffled things shabby chic space will look too rough and uncivil. 

Try ruffled curtain panels, try shabby chic bedding, ruffle tea towels. 


Of course, if you make a shabby chic - the pearl of this style, and the most important part - is bedroom decor.

 This is a place where you can show off the style in all the strength. Basically, we don’t have so many details in the bedroom - cabin, bedside table, and the bed itself. And that's all. And that is great - cause if you’ve decorated your bed right - you have a 50% of success already. Choose a great bedskirt with long and wrinkled dust ruffles - may it flow to the floor and be as long as your box spring allow. 

Pair it with a great ruffled sheet and it is almost done. Now you can switch on your fantasy - and make a shabby expression with a lot of pillows. This is a second main trick for shabby chic - great composition of pillows, wearing linen, ruffled, burlap, printed pillowcases. 

Of course, you should think of your windows - dress them up with ruffles too.

There are so a lot of different details that fit your space goals - this cozy and eclectic style gives you a great opportunity to show a bit of your family heart in your house. To make it really individual and one-and-only. Use monogrammed, rustic prints, put your initials on wooden details, make a decoupage doors and hand-colored flooring. This is a space for your mind, and this is a perfect space for 100% linen.

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