Keep calm it is Christmas

December 30, 2018

Keep calm it is Christmas

We have gathered some basic, and deathless tips for those who need some tips for Christmas Eve - to keep calm and happy this fast and furious time


Online shopping 

Avoid the feast-age crowds by shopping in your own house. You may as extensively as bewitch find a marvelous sales and deals exclusive to shopping sites. 2 weeks before Christmas shops are really very similar to hell, and that panic won’t provide comfort for you


Countdown till Christmas 

Get a beautiful calendar and start your countdown of days before Christmas. That is how Christmas spirit comes into your house, your work and everywhere everywhere as a daily treat. If calendars are now for you - download a game app to schedule a countdown. Countdowns psychologically help to blow expectations  and add you more mobility and speed on preparations. 


Fill your room with Christmas smells 

What you feel if smelling Christmas - oranges, cinnamon, apple cider, and cloves. Find all this I any form - in a real object of this mess, or in. A form of aroma candles and aroma sticks. Did you know that smell can form a range of emotions- even bigger than visual par of feel?


Make a gift to your self before Christmas 

Did you know that making gifts affecting your emotional statement twice better than receiving? So don’t hesitate - and give a gift to your self. Of course, we advise to get a beautiful linen dress by Len.Ok (which is a perfect outfit for Christmas celebration!), but of course, you should choose something thetas really appreciated for you now.

Add lights and music 

If you are so exhausted and tired of christmas decorations -they are moving all around you on the streets in the offie on TV and IG, they are just boring, and even worse - irritating your eyes, don’t be panic, the best decorations is lights and music. Create a christmas wonder with a perfect playlist (this is our choise) and very gentle candle or electronic lighting - and the is enough

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