Perfect for city dress

December 22, 2018

Perfect for city dress

Let me tell you the story of one of the Len. Ok dresses have been created. I want you to understand that every single thing that we produce by hands, create, draw and dream about -  is not made to increase demand on products we have, and not for feeding the existing demand, but because we love these 100% linen things, we are totally in love with the material, and we want to share this knowledge and this comfort with world. But we make every pajama, or robe, or apron - we create it for ourselves, for our own need, so we do it with all soul, so we come up with ideas of creation in those moments when it is needed most of all.  This dress holds an idea of distant and windy Istanbul 

Have you ever been to this city?

To understand the outlines of this dress - imagine I stood in the port of Fatih district in Istanbul in December. It was very windy but it was warm, and it was clear that Istanbul is a rather masculine male city and finding women there is just unbelievable, especially in short or tight things. 

I didn’t know this before going, so I went there in black jeggings, sneakers, and in a bright red coat.  I thought that Istanbul had these precipitations long ago, in the century of Ottoman Empire was born, and the European appearance was enough for it now.

I was mistaken and found myself in one of the worst areas of this city only (in the fact that area is not bad but very crowded by male traffickers  or just poor man )

I was attracting 1000 views, and too much attention, too many words spoken to me or to my back. My look was so surprisingly spoiling my trip. It was disgusting how I needed nothing, but other clothes.

 I could not fully understand I couldn’t clean up everything. The terribly fitting trousers that emphasized absolutely everything in my figure, all hips, and in this red bright red coat that made me just a red rag in this men's Istanbul colitis. I wanted to hide and I hid in linen, in something that looks like Istanbul - wrinkled, interesting, oversized.

I wanted to be in huge trousers, like all Turkish man here, I wanted to get in a spacious shirt  - but at the same time to remain a woman. So the dress, the perfect dress for Istanbul is rather long, and it is here now. 

No bright details, no too much color - my favorite shade Pink Ash - it is a delicate pink light romantic color,  however with a gray rather severe midline. It is necessarily spacious enough, but if necessary it can be tied with a wide non-binding belt that gives it a medieval style which perfectly corresponds to Constantinople.

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