PERFECT shade of gray

December 18, 2017

PERFECT shade of gray

The biggest fear to overcome when using a dark gray color in a bedroom is that it is too boring, conservative, without life, and it will make your room feel smaller.
But this is not true.

Gray - is a magic color if used properly, and no color can make your space more clear and calm as it. A dark color makes things seem to disappear. That’s how gray affects your visual perception - it feels like something absent, plain and airy. The very deep tone of gray adds incredible drama to a room. Our charcoal gray bedding collection consists of the right amount of brown in it to add warmth and perfect about of darkness to be a perfect base for lighter accents.

A deep and dark shade of this charcoal gray linen sheets is calm, quiet and conservative.

✓It will not distract or interrupt.

✓Such bedding won’t be a center of attention,  but it can be a perfect base for any interior.

✓As it is made of 100% linen which has been stonewashed - the texture of it is relaxed and wrinkled.

Gray shade is calming and re-setting your emotions, like a refuge away from any madness of the world. 

What a pleasant role of bedding, huh? Especially if it is complemented with nudes or teal like in these palettes.

Combine with light beige gold velvet and Pink Ash linen:


Add some light to this dark gray with Antique white linen and silver silk:

In feng-shui gray color states as bringing clarity, clear-thinking, calmness.

Darker shades are symbolic of austerity and authority. This collection has enough pigment to make a statement without shouting. Such a great classic!

The charcoal gray collection feels soft and airy but is still saturated enough to make an impact and elevate a space. 

A pleasant feature of this linen bedding collection is that it works great in anything from traditional to modern spaces, and pretty much everything in between.

Adding some teal and deep blue linen will play great in your boho or eclectic bedroom:

This warm and luxuriant shade is stunning in our room with white walls and woodwork floors and accent chandeliers. 

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