Oatmeal palette

November 25, 2017

Oatmeal palette

More than a thousand of linen bedding products were sewn of an amazing melange fabric - oatmeal natural gray since 2012. We call it just NATURAL GRAY. And this color is love and hope for all these years. Since it is so calm and basic - it was a base of our product range and of course, it was a bestseller (still it is)

Nobody can certainly say - what color is it. As it consists of two thread tones, weaved in a soft non-contrast melange. Therefore depending on lighting and colors of walls in the room natural gray looks so different but always gorgeous.

The oatmeal grey bedding surrounds you with color harmony and feeling of light. This is timeless color, elegant in every bedroom and it guarantees beautiful, usable palette all the time, every time. We have used this color in our linen bedding photo sessions and with every photo and every interior it opened up new hues - from light sand to almost cool gray. It consists of earthy greenish tones and casts honey and sand. We offer you to check out some palettes that work with oatmeal great and create a feeling of nature in the room.


Adding some lavender tones and honey brown (plus retro ruffles and forms) - make oatmeal look like a pearly beige. it reflects the cool tone of pink ash and looks almost invisible and very light.


Simply white base and deep charcoal gray detail can work as a perfect background for kind of loft bedroom with a natural gray bedding. Here the warmest hues of oatmeal play the main role, creating a cozy pleasant bed in a minimalist and cool room.


With a beige flawless base of simple but detailed Scandinavian interior oatmeal can just purify the style. Better to use it as a background itself - adding colorful pillows and rugs.

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