Why do we make HANDMADE linen bedding?

May 20, 2018

Why do we make HANDMADE linen bedding?

Don’t you feel nowadays that all the things people purchase come from China? Everything seems to made in bulk and manufactured for an extremely low price, and the quality is satisfactory.


Globalization, mechanization, hi-tech -

machines can do any job simple and easy now. Years ago before we used our own eyes and hands to create such incredible items. And nobody can say that they were defective. Especially concerning light and garment industry - handmade items are really more worthy and durable than its 


Mechanization can be more noticeable when it comes to the topic - of sustainable living and industrial producing, plus a social view on thousands of people left jobless and indeed unwaged. From this point of view,  I am realizing that handmade products are really winning. 

Hopelessly - everything in your house - from a rug, sneakers, and your bathroom - it’s all made by machines overseas. However, there is a beautiful trend going on in the United States - choosing not merely goods made domestically, but products that are handcrafted.


Here are top 3 reasons why we feel hand made
is superior. 





It’s widely known that handmade products cost more.  For example, the pieces of jewelry that are sold in a brick-and-mortar store would normally cost a little less than those sold online directly from author or artist. But the worth does not come down only to their price- this is a feeling of purchasing something special and unique, something that been been made for you. 

The lower price is premised on bulk buying and cost of the material and mechanized production.

Let’s say you are buying a gorgeous linen sheet set -  for $156; and since then about 10 people have asked you where you bought it so they can get one too. Think about it, doesn’t the worth of that set increase instantly? Being unique and one of a kind increase that number even more as the possibility to get the same set is very, very low.














Buying a handmade you provide support to a tradition of skilled work

You provide support tthe o sustainable economical statement - where the goods are quality and worker is safe and well-paid.
Handmade stuff are very close to craftmanship, it is just that every next piece will always be slightly different in some detail. Besides your own personal benefit of owning handmade products, the mere fact means that you support that small community of people that is dedicated to making things you’d normally buy in a specilized store, far better, more eye-appealing and as we concluded, with a greater worth. 






The greatest and the most easy-to-feel difference between handcrafted bedding and mass produced is that handmade items are made with love. From the field to the final linen miracle that we will send you, our manufacturing processes are completed with maximum respect for the environment. We use the very best fabrics, made from the highest-quality 100% pure Belarussian linen.  


The linen for Len.Ok  is grown by organic farmers, and is spun, woven and finished without the addition of any harmful products whatsoever. All these processes are Oeko-tex certified. Is that a miracle? No, - just handmade!

Have you ever hold a handmade product in your hands? Without seeing it with your own eyes you’ll be unaware of the advantages of not buying products from Asia. And you can’t even pick up a knowing about where and how was it made. But we are making our linen bedding in a sunny sewing shop. Here we are, come, order and see - Len.Ok linen manufacturing.

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