Our customer's stories - #1 Stella

June 15, 2018

Our customer's stories - #1 Stella

We love to see how philosophies of living are interweaving. And one day we have met an amazing Stella. Stella is a lifestyle and yoga coach and she loves our linen duvet cover. This is a friendship and knot of understanding for a long time, we suppose. 






In this post we will try to get you acquainted with Stella’s and Len.Ok linen story. She is rather a young person, based in Pennsylvania and traveling all the time as we can see in her @stellathelight Instagram. She travels around with her own wayward perception and her health recovery story:



“When I found plant-based veganism I had two choices: I could stay in my miserable restrictive/low energy lifestyle out of fear of the unknown OR I could take the leap and see if I felt as happy and healthy as the folks I was reading about did.. if I hadn’t taken this leap, I don’t know who I would be today”


This healthy and conscious way of living is so closely coming to our 100% pure linen philosophy. This is rather difficult and not so sleek path to come - but it will lead you to a world of clean surroundings, healthy and calm atmosphere, breathing earth and happy you.





“If you’ve been thinking about going plant-based, going vegan, or just adopting some of the lifestyles to your current lifestyle - now is the time! Your start date is entirely up to you - whether that be tomorrow or next month! We go over everything, side by side - every day for the entire 30 days and I cater it all to whatever you want from the lifestyle: Recipes, meals, portions, food combining, weight loss, digestion, fitness, intuitive eating, mental health healing, starting a yoga practice/ meditation. I only have 1 single regret about going plant-based vegan: not doing it sooner!


Also Stella travel in a van and I realized what an amazing investment it was:

“ Between staying in the van & being plant-based vegans we spend maybe 1/4 of what we used to spend while traveling! + we no longer do the "lazy vaca" .. in fact, we do the opposite. Soaking up as much adventure and activity as possible before heading back to our hometown life.. this is absolute bliss!”


And she takes our linen everywhere she travels in it! This is so lovely idea to have a cozy and stylish spread everywhere in the world. And Stela had chosen a Len.Ok linen.

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