5-minutes waffle dinner

April 29, 2018

5-minutes waffle dinner

Hi there! Haven't you forgot about your old wafer oven, you've bought years ago. Maybe you had ended up with waffles because of the healthy lifestyle, or it was just too many waffles in your life.

At least half of the grains you consume every day should be whole grains. Since many waffles are made with refined grains, they don't contain a lot of fiber. Consuming highly processed, refined carbohydrates may increase your risk for heart disease more than consuming saturated fat. Two 4-inch-square frozen waffles will provide you with 30 grams of carbohydrates but only 1.5 grams of fiber out of the daily value of 25 grams. 

So that we have found a perfect recipe for healthy and fiber-filled waffles you can make as an alternative to a dinner with friends. Just use some linen seeds and little amount of flour.

 10-minuts recipe for this case (for 5-8 friends light dinner)

You will need: 


  • 250 gr wheat flour
  • 3 eggs 
  • 100 gr butter
  • linen seed
  • 150 gr milk


  • salmon
  • ruccola
  • ricotta
  • boiled eggs 
  • balsamic

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