Linen VS Cotton

May 8, 2018

Linen VS Cotton

Linen and cotton both are able to absorb water well and let the air in,

-so clothing made of such material does not irritate the skin.

However, not everyone knows what are the pros and cons of cotton and flax fabric. Let's try to figure this out.

Natural flax has bacteriological properties - no fungus, no bacteria can get along it.

Linen fabric is considered a natural antiseptic. This fact about linen bedding was well-known by our ancestors - even wounds under linen bandages healed much faster. In linen clothes, (unlike cotton) unpleasant smell of sweat won’t bother you.

The reason is the antibacterial properties of flax. This smell keeps staying in your cotton bedding or cloth is due to bacteria that multiplies itself rapidly where there is secretion of sweat glands.

Flax is considered to be the most environmentally friendly product. When growing cotton, many pesticides are used.

Diseases of cotton fibers in plants can be prevented only by using chemical treatments.

Bed linens need frequent washing as for hygienic issues. The stronger the fabric, the longer it will last. Soft and delicate cotton or satin material after several items of washing can "surprise" with holes or cracks.

Flax has a resistance to repeated washing. Cotton products, in turn, after such procedures can shrink. In addition, they quickly lose their original appeal, burning out in the sun. Although the color of cotton is better. It is worth noting that the fabric of both types is easily creased, but at the same time and is amenable to ironing. True, linen items require more heating of the iron.

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