Fold a fitted sheet as Mari Kondo

May 29, 2019

Fold a fitted sheet as Mari Kondo

Folding a big and fluffy stonewashed linen fitted sheet is an amazing skill that once mastered - you will have your bedding closet always done and tidy.   

Moreover, you can impress your friends and husband and even your future mother-in-law.

To be honest,  folding stonewashed linen fitted sheet is just not that intuitive and not all and every way can. After practicing and practicing we have found out three simple ways of folding a fitted sheet in a lean and pure form.

Once you've folded that enormous and incomprehensible sheet - you're in!


  1.   Take two corners of your fitted sheet
  2.  Flip them inside-out
  3.  Insert your hands into both corners
  4.  Place the right-hand corner inside the left-hand corner
  5. Flip and replay on the opposite side.
  6. All corner seams should now be on the one hand.
  7.  Find a flat surface, lay your sheet down.
  8.  Fold the messy edge inwards, twice, towards you.
  9.  Fold into thirds again


  1. Lay the sheet flat.  With the elastic facing up.
  2. Stretch the corners and allow the elastic to make a square or rectangle shape
  3. Fold into thirds.
  4. Take the bottom two corners and fold the sheet up, over the top of the section you just folded.
  5. Take two corners and fold them in thirds across, pulling what youve already folded towards you.
  6. Finish folding the sheet upon itself until you get your desired finished size. 

May 23, 2019
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