Color obsession #1

May 23, 2019

Color obsession #1

Mustardcolor shirt,

mustard color dress,

mustard yellow bedding

yes, we have it now in our 100% linen products range!

This the bright and confident tone is crying loud: we are all stuck with nudes, we need something natural looking, but not so unsaturated and dull. And here we are - offering you to buy online mustard color shirt handmade of 100% linen, dress, pants, and all you want us to sew to your custom sized including linen duvet covers, flat sheets, and dust valances.


Mustard color 2019


Normally, to name something in fashion a "trend," a couple of famous designers (better if they will be a part of a Fashion week) should use the same thing in their collections. This spring we are so amazed at one thing - everybody uses this color in their collections, accessories, fashion campaigns and even logo typing - yellow mustard color.

To be clear, fashion editors and critics found out how various the shades of yellow came upon the runaways and design field this year, but we are strongly recommend putting your attention on the most winning color of the yellow hues - mustard color.

Why mustard?

Why we go mad for mustard linen?

This deep and simple color in the crispy and gentle stonewashed texture of natural linen gives a wonderful warm aura in the room it has been placed or in an outfit, it has been included.

This is a reflective hue and reminiscent shade of warm sunny days, this is a pleasant memory of family celebrations, Easter and something so warm and close to heart.  Mustard Yellow stonewashed linen is bright, perfect for those who keen on a color yet has a touch of sophistication. The mustard color is respectable and serious

Mustard Yellow in interiors 

This is always a good idea to add a splash of color to your nude and unsaturated room -  why not choosing this warming hue to your home décor goals. Our mustard stonewashed linen works well with dark and lighter colors - with lighter it looks very dominant and classy, it adds more cleanness  to your space, and with darker tones it looks a bit ethnic, a bit of eclectic and dramatic. Mustard linen duvet cover pairs well with cooler charcoal grey, night blue, clay tones and antique white.

When it comes to mustard  - it is a brave choice and your color scheme will become richer and more sophisticated. The rule is to not to use more than one mustard accessory on every 10 square meters of your space or mixing with greys, blacks, whites.