Why you should buy from handmade linen manufacturer?

August 21, 2018

Why you should buy from handmade linen manufacturer?

What do you feel about buying from H&M Home or Zara Home?

Do you feel like voting with your wallet for an unsustainable living?

For the production of more and more clothing and housing goods than ever before in history?

While the average American throws out 68 garments in a single year?

Do you vote for China and Bangladesh factories workers - they are working flat out for 10 dollars per 11-hours day.

Wasteful and the unsustainable supply chain – it is a problem endemic to the entire apparel industry, but especially interesting in the context of fast fashion - fashion giants which considered as the most important inside of the industry. If bedding they [produce clothing was fully recyclable and made with the fewest resources possible, could we keep churning out new clothing at the frenetic pace of a fast fashion company like Zara Home, which makes more than 1 million garments every day, in a way that was actually sustainable?

But they use the cheapest polyester, viscose, and microfiber - which are totally unsustainable as for they are produced with on factories with a high pollution-danger index, with millions of workers who are in a big danger to be poisoned with toxic 

We are voting for handmade linen manufacturing. Len.Ok linen production of linen bedding is highly sustainable. For these reasons:

  • Our linen fabric is ecologically safe and produced with the maximum respect to an environment
  • Len.Ok linen seamstresses are all paid well and work in a beautiful and convenient studio.
  • We pack our linens in a multi-purpose recycled bags, that could be used many times for travel-packing, wardrobe organizing.

Fashionista or not, clothes and houseware are a necessity, and one of the biggest challenges facing today’s fashion industry is how to create fashion for a growing world population while protecting our planet.

But H&M home, Primark, M&S, Zara home, Ikea  - they come here in China or Bangladesh as for it is cheap and they get cheap labour. It is not fair. Humans cannot be so cheap. There needs to be a balance - you cannot say you are trying to improve working conditions and help workers out on one hand when on the other hand you are not giving a fair price. Average salary of Bangladesh Zara home factory worker is 300$ a month 6-day working week. 

Our seamstress gets double of that for 5-hours working day, making a sustainable ecologically safe linens and using the most natural fabric ever - 100% flax.

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