Rustic headboard for rustic linen

July 3, 2018

Rustic headboard for rustic linen

Headboard can change a whole mood of your bedroom. Simplicity and power of a strong rustic wood come in a natural way to change a look of space.

This simple wooden bedroom venture can be handmade in a few hours for any size of the bed.


The bedroom is without a doubt is the most imperative room in a house. This is the place where all the relaxation happens, where you loosen up and unwind to the finish of a day. The best way to close the door and leave the unpleasant day behind it - is to snuggle in a natural and fresh 100% linen sheets.

Hiding in a linen cradle you will inhale an amazing aroma of flowering fields, and feel the smooth and pleasantly rough texture of 100% flax. The ideal pairing to this piece of nature is a rustic wooden headboard.

This was an amazing lesson to learn from our lovely and super stylish customer - Cali with her interior-dedicated IG @simplyedgewood.  She showed us how much enhance of beauty the headboard can add to space. And we are so inspired so that made a list for you and for our own bedrooms to use. So let’s get the ball rolling and check out instructions. Hope that you will love it and these guidelines will fulfill all your requirements and criteria:


One of the basic facts which happen to all is the question: who needs a costly rustic headboard like target offers for example (not less than 200?$) when it is RUSTIC by the definition and you can construct a less expensive one that is similarly as exquisite from a real rustic wood? Let's go to a lumber yard and ask for the cheapest piece of wood they have. Prices can vary from 40$ to 400$ for a big wooden piece. Buy your wood from a lumber yard rather than in a big store.


Paint your wood and leave to dry well. Use citistrip and strip a few layers of paint off the newly painted headboard. Don’t take all the paint off to reach cool #distressedlook. Brew 8 bags of tea and wiped it onto the headboard with a washcloth and let it dry overnight. Make vinegar/steel wool mixture: put a few steel wool pads in a mason jar and then covering the pads with vinegar.  Then leave the jar in the garage for a few days so the steel wool can dissolve a little into the vinegar. Apply on beadboard and let dry


Finish with wood wax

Thank you @simplyedgewood for your amazing photos with our 100% #linenbeddingand endless inspiration. Featuring ANTIQUE WHITE #duvet cover and CHARCOAL GRAY #pillowcases. 

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