Soul brothers: leather & linen

July 15, 2018

Soul brothers: leather & linen

For centuries natural flax and cattle hide  - both known for durability, long life and resistance were used to bind and cover books and beds, dress to cowboys and workers, women. 

When it comes to modern interior decor, there is seemingly nothing more simple and adaptable pairing than leather & linen. Add a linen pillow to your coach, leather chair to your study, a leather lounge to your living room, and linen bedspread to your bedroom. These are excellent neutrals and rich textures. Depending on how subtle or bold you want to be – it comes in great choices of color.

✖️Avoid adding too much of linen details - your space can look too simple and poor.

✖️Too much leather can leave a room looking ‘cold’ and not cozy. Try to include one leather piece in the room.

✖️Absence of patterns and accents will cause too plain and too empty space. Finish off your linen and leather interior with accent pillows, patterns that enhance the natural richness, colorful details

And guess what’s the one greatest thing about real leather and 100% linen? It both get better with age. 

That’s a great investment.

Our beautiful and stylish customers Whitney and Zak from @whitneyshelhamer made their perfect bedroom with an Antique white set and astonishing leather headboard. They used the simple smooth ginger leather board.

And we are ready to try this look using this perfect minimalist Crate&Barel leather pad

Not all leather and not all linen are made to the same standard. 


Some grades are of higher quality than others. Our Lenoklinen sheets are made from the purest 100%  OEKOtex certified flax - only the severest certification can guarantee you best durability and usage quality. 

Middle weight stonewashed flax - is the best option for those who want it to last for years but feel mild all the way.

Heavy weight flax is great for covers^ bedspreads and decorative pillow covers.


For leather you can identify the quality of the leather piece by the appearance and feel.

Full grain leather is the best of the best. Nothing is done to hide to improve its quality. It is the toughest and most durable. 

Top grain is a step below full grain. It has had the split layer taken away from the top grain layer. Before the hide is colored, it is carefully sanded to remove the majority of its imperfections. This is a popular form of leather and is more reasonably priced than full grain leather.

Corrected grain leather is generally manufactured from hides that contain lots of scars, bite marks and other imperfections. These imperfections mean that the hides are unsuitable for sofas, so they must be removed first. To remove these the leather is buffed and pigmented. Corrected grain leather is also known as finished leather or pigmented leather.

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