November 20, 2018


Fashion is so fast and free that nobody can tell exactly where does it move, why, and for how long.
The only thing that here, in Len.Ok, we know well - is that linen is always in trend and that linen is always out of fashion

Why is it so?  Ok, some of the answers sounds rather logical: linen is too durable for fashion, for example. It is a simple and so understandable answer, but it is the bare truth: linen could n’t be killed by numerous washings, like cotton,  direct sunlight like satin, with some drops of perfume like silk and etc.

That's why people, who are so much interested in how the clothes are worn, for how long and worn out till the next season - designers, - they make everything to make you wear anything, but not linen. As it IRRESISTIBLE and therefore, not profitable.

We had been making very classical things, like robes and oversize dresses, and now we have tried to follow some of the latest trends and try Len.Ok in modern forms (which are unaccustomed for linen fabric). So we have created a LINEN SWEATSHIRT.

And you know what - it is really gorgeous.

The first thing we should tell about the sweatshirt - it is very comfortable and pleasant to wear& Soft stonewashed fabric barely touches your skin, and the ruffles on your hips and hands are gentle, and keep the sweatshirt stay on the place while active moves.

It looks simple and original

I feel like Phoebe Phiilo in this charcoal gray sweatshirt& It looks great both with the dress and with mom jeans. I wear it with a shirt underneath on a business day, and just on a bare body every day.

It is luxuriously cozy

If you love a form of sweatshirts - you know how difficult to find something special and beautiful in this section of shops. Most of the cotton sweatshirts look to sporty and too poor, without any femaleness and sexuality. Most of the polyester sweatshirts are crazily uncomfortable and sweaty. Linen is a perfect material to keep you warm in winter and make you feel cool in the summer. And look chic^ in every move and every wrinkle of stonewashed and classy fabric. 

October 29, 2018
There is more than understandable- you should choose the healthiest fabrics to wear. 100% linen is under this health category. We are not showing off - our sea-green, pink ash, chocolate brown linen pajama sets are real treasures for anyone, who are looking for an eco-friendly, organic and pure alternative to trendy pajamas known.
November 13, 2018
What is the link between them
December 5, 2018
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