Pet in bed?

July 29, 2018

Pet in bed?

Everybody love to snuggle with your pet in bed cold winter evening or a cozy summer rainy day. Even the most dog, cat or any pet-obsessed person would rather not wake up covered in animal hair. The sheets you’re laying in all the night, which are non-stop are touching your skin, hair and all of your eye and nose mucosa.  Your bedding material choice obviously can reduce the hair and dander that clings to your sheets, comforter, quilt or duvet; 

while nothing truly repels thick and firm dog hair, and sticky cats hair certain fabrics make keeping your space clean easier. After you’ve made your bedding choice, regularly wash it, complete with two rinse cycles, to eliminate any residual hair.


Quality,  that is provided by tightly woven cotton bedding features a weave, eliminating spaces that allow dog hair to cling. Thread count offers a decent indicator of how much space is between each thread: The higher the thread count, the less openness in the weave. Manufacturers measure this by the number of threads per square inch of fabric. There is less space between threads in 600-thread count bedding than in 300-thread count. Percale and sateen have a tight weave but high static effect - and all hair sticks not inside of the weave, but just on the surface. The only way to wash out such hair with a laundry Fur Zapper


Airy yet smooth and wrinkled, 100-percent stonewashed linen bedding resists sticking lint as well as dog and cat hair mostly because of its antistatic properties. While offering a durability and a natural resistance to pilling. As with sateen cotton, linen features a decent tight weave but never so tight creating a surface which prevents dog hair from sticking to the fabric. It has the added benefit of absorbing moisture before feeling wet and breathability, keeping you cool during warmer months and when your pet feels like a heater at night.

Fabrics to Avoid

Avoid any bedding with an extremely rough texture like cotton or wool plaids, open weave or high nap. Velvet attracts dog hair, flannel and jersey knits come with the same issues for cats hair.  For those cases the is only one way to survive - a special brush for hair Lint Brush Silk, while offering an exceptional slip and softness, easily snags under even a well-manicured dog’s nails; while it may repel hair, it won’t last long with a pet sharing the bed.

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