Inspiring review!

August 8, 2018

Inspiring review!

Last week we received a lovely feedback on a pink duvet cover set

I purchased this duvet cover and two pillow slips (king size in pink ash) as a gift for my girlfriend and honestly can’t say enough about it. From the quality of the linen, the super fast shipping, the customer service and even the packaging; everything was top notch.

We switch up duvet covers with the seasons, and linen is perfect for hot summers. It almost seems to cool down the whole bed and it’s both light and soft. Also, did i mention the price?! You’d be really hard pressed to find anything near this kind of quality for the amount you pay.

Truly can’t say enough about the whole experience. If you’re looking for a great linen duvet cover, look no further. I added a photo (with a Penelope the cat cameo) to show how the cover and slips look.

 And that was an inspiration to share some details of our service on the example of this one package.


The first thing we need to mention - is that our linen is grown, woven and sewn here in Belarus. That is why it is ecologically safe and all in all perfect for those who keen on economic sustainability.


After we buy thousands of flax fabric meters straight from linen mill we are painting them all with our exclusive colors that are melting your heart - from nudes to black. All these steps are ecologically safe, chemical-free, OEKO-tex certified.


After you made an order - next day we sew Len.Ok bedding in our beautiful studio located in the center of the capital of Belarus. 

Every piece we make with hands with maximum attention and respect to the environment and to client wish. Then we make a stone washing with bio-enzymes to soften the linen, prevent shrinking and to add it a rough shabby look.


Packing is fast and safe - we use silicon bags which are totally sanitary safe and water or dust resistant. And our bags are tightly reusable after receiving a package!


The trip to the USA from our studio takes 14 days - and only 5 days with speedy EMS delivery! 

And - here you are% soft, beautiful, stylish linens are in your bedroom. You and everybody, including cat, love it! 

Len.Ok bedding smells like linen fields itself. Hypoallergenic and durable as pirate’s treasure! 


Thank you for inspiring feedback, Joseph!

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