March 21, 2018
To be fairer - what we mean by stone washing. And by the way, what do ALL linen merchants mean under “stone washing”.
February 28, 2018
We offer only mediumweight sheets.This is a perfect weight for bedding. Here you will find why.
February 12, 2018
Ever since bedding industry shows linen sheets perfectly rumpled and wrinkled – will this fit my own bedroom?
March 12, 2018
We’re introducing our new
Flax gray bedding collection
- the most natural grey with plenty of olive and earthy undertones.
February 19, 2018
If you are on this page - it means that you really love flax or this material is close to your soul. Linen has a lot of advantages, and one tiny question - how to soften it, if it occasionally seem rough ?
February 4, 2018
Some of them are sleeping between us, under the duvet covers, with heads on the pillows. They think they are humans
Great quality and color!!!
Kristen Wilkins-Lohman on Sep 28, 2018
Beautiful pillow, i love love love this so much! Thank you, and i will buy more!
Daniela on Sep 25, 2018
It is just what I wanted, and the service was great
stoier on Sep 18, 2018
They are just what I was looking for, and perfect service.
stoier on Sep 17, 2018
This is such a gorgeous comforter! I cannot wait to order the sheets that go with it soon. The linen is very high quality and well made.
tifbrecka on Sep 13, 2018
LOVE! I am in USA and it is VERY difficult to find affordable, good quality FLAX linen. Here people think cotton means linen. I was THRILLED to find these sheets and great company. I was worried they would be too small, as American sheets often barely fit a King size deep 18 inch mattress. The fitted sheet and top sheet are HUGE! I can easily dry them and even if they do shrink over time, I will have plenty. I love the fabric. It is noticeably cooler. This is the main reason I wanted Flax Linen. I'm pregnant and always hot and in summer our bedroom is hot too. I love the cool feel of these sheets. I am very picky about fabric and I have to be honest that these are not as soft as the cotton at first, but soft enough for me, and I would not use them if they weren't. I know they will get softer and softer over time. THANK YOU!! <3
Elisa on Sep 12, 2018