October 20, 2017
Waking up and hour-long morning routine creates a course for the ship of your day. All in all, the “mood of life” is made of puzzles of waking ups, coffee-breaks, lunchtimes and after-work activities. After-bedtime hours are too important according to different philosophies - from Buddhism to Islam.
August 23, 2017
How to express your feelings about a person in the best way? Choose a gift that will speak for you! No matter what the occasion is, gifts are always more than just a present: it’s an expression of appreciation, love and care. So how to choose a present that would show how you feel about the person?
June 29, 2017
Learn how to wash linen sheets and other tips of linen bedding care in this article by LenOk. Everything about cleaning linen bedding here!
September 4, 2017
We often forget to design the bedroom because no one else sees it – but it should be the exact opposite, as it is the place where we get to recharge. It is highly important to have a good bedroom design that will make us feel comfortable and relaxed.
June 30, 2017
As the world has gone crazy over organic everything, including organic bedding, you might start wondering whether it is actually worth opting for linen bed sheets instead of the more usual cotton-and-polyester mixed-yarn fabrics with fancy prints. The answer is – yes, it certainly is!
Len.Ok L I N E N bedding is a part of a roaming home @spaceship_kali of @tinywolfmoon! We are so happy to be in a visualization of an amazing idea like happy, free, adventurous life-long tripping this is a nowadays miracle and braveness - watching the world so closely and sincerely like this artisan and her baby daughter do! Wishing best dreams on Len.Ok natural gray linen sheets and calm and lucky roads
Just made the bed and this feels awesome. Great colour and really high quality.
Ruth Duda on Jul 25, 2018
So pretty and feels heavenly. Wish the color wasn’t discontinued. I wanted a duvet color
Linda Bayles on Jul 23, 2018
Absolutely love these pillow cases!! Love the color, love the quality, love the price and especially love how quickly they arrived! Definitely will be ordering more from Lenok Linens!!! Just beautiful! Thank you!!
Gerri Bruch on Jul 23, 2018
Excellent quality, first rate product!! Ordering more soon :)
Marcela Manso Monard on Jul 22, 2018
I love everything about these. The antique white is a very pleasing vanilla shade. As before, everything shipped very quickly, arrived very quickly, and was impeccably made. THANKS!
Diane on Jul 19, 2018
Grate item. So nice. Thank you.
Makiyo Suzuki on Jul 17, 2018